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General Beton Triveneta Spa started the production of concrete in 1967 and it fulfils its offer with special mixes, mortars for walls, asphalt, industrial flooring, reinforcing bars, cement, aggregates and installation services. An integrated proposal to allow the manufacturer to streamline the site and handle it with the best economy and speed.

General Beton Triveneta is engaged, from the beginning, in the quality control by realizing, together with the first production plant a technological laboratory which is currently able to perform even the most demanding controls. Today, the brand General Beton means certified plants for the quality in Italy and in China, Poland, Romania and Tunisia.


The current company General Beton Triveneta Spa, a subsidiary of the Tonon Company Spa, also founded from the family Tonon in 1955, is now part of the most comprehensive and branched Group Tonon.

From the beginning, but especially since the early 90, the company starts its activities in the region of origin (Veneto) and in the close areas, that live in this period the most important social and economic development of the modern Italian history. Later, the consecration of a leading role in the market is through the recognition of its multi-functional skills, quality that allows the extension of the operating potential; this is done by creating a group of different but complementary companies, all connected to the construction industry, which develop their activities at both national and international markets, being able to meet all

In the period 1989-1997, through its subsidiary Buildex Spa, the company realizes many projects in Russia and Ukraine, in the domestic, industrial, and office complexes, leaving an important mark of quality also in those territories. The Group, in same years, operated in Libano through General Beton Triveneta.

Currently the Group Tonon, through the Holding Company “Impresa Tonon”, which today employs more than 1,000 employees, working in Italy, Romania, Poland, Tunisia and China and selling its products all over the world, consists of the following associated companies.

fonded in 1955
fonded in 1967
fonded in 2019
acquired in 1996
acquired in 2004
acquired in 2004
partecipaded since 1955
partecipaded since 2010
partecipaded since 2013